A Review Of MySmok ISMOD I

I am very grateful to be asked by a Chinese manufacturer to review the mysmok iSMOD I.
Let’s have a quick look.electric cigarette
Size: 17 × 110 mm
Weight: 28.5 g
Battery capacity: 650 mAh
It holds like a real cigarette, very light weight but the texture doesn’t feel cheap at all.e cigarette wholesale
This is what I’ve got from the inside: the device, a USB cable, 5 cotton swabs, a cleaning blade, a cleaning brush and a user manual.
Press the button for 4 seconds, the LED light will flash blue for like 20s and then turn solid on. The temperature during this period will be heated up to 320℃.  Although other devices like iBuddy can be smoked for more than 4 minutes, the taste is bland and even tasteless in the last 30 seconds.
The tobacco stick is well heated.

Verdict: I like the whole design. It’s small, light weight and very convenient.  It would be better if the smoking time could be longer. But the price is cheap and attractive though. It’s definitely worth a try.
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