Benefits of using mysmok heated toabcco

After studying the harm of secondhand smoke, experts pointed out that six of the eight major causes of human death are related to smoke or second-hand smoke, including ischemic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, lower respiratory tract infection, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, tuberculosis, and lung cancers such as trachea and bronchus. Smoke, nicotine and other chemicals that remain on clothing, furniture, blankets, hair and skin will be converted into nitrosamines-containing carcinogens over time.

heated tobacco
As risk-reduced new tobacco product, mysmok is a tobacco heating device, which uses real tobacco and heats it without chemical combustion. As the device heats instead of burning the tobacco, fewer chemicals are released——harmful carcinogens are reduced by 90%. But the device delivers the same nicotine taste and gives the throat hit as real cigarettes. Compared to other products of the same kind, mysmok products are designed to be smaller, lighter and provide the most authentic tobacco flavor!
Here is a review from a heavy smoker: I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes every day. After I’ve tried this device, I still smoke a pack of tobacco sticks one day... But I have never touched the ordinary cigarettes again, as their bitterness and burning smell make me feel awful . Although I still smoke the same amount every day, the device produces no tar or carbon monoxide. And there is basically no second-hand smoke. After getting used to iSMOD, I don’t cough as much as used to do. Even if I can't quit smoking, it is healthier than before though. As an old smoker for more than 20 years, I dare to say this product kills any type of e-cigarettes.There are also users who list changes after using heateg tobacco device: (The use of traditional cigarettes can cause the following diseases: cancer, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cardiovascular diseases, digestive diseases, immune system diseases, skin disease, osteoporosis, memory deterioration, etc) It has been 10 months since I start using heated tobacco products. During this period, I have been to dentistry for several times. The smoke stains have gone. And there is no smoke smell on my clothes.
In general, the advantages of mysmok tobacco heating device can be summarized as follows: much less tar production; harmful components are reduced by 90%; symptoms like cough are eliminated. It stimulates the real smoking process, but the smoke breathed out is vapor without any bed smell. No longer to be afraid that second-hand smoke will cause trouble to people around you!

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