Heated Tobacco Development Trend

Tobacco was originated in America,the Indians found materials which can excite the nerve system within it,the Indians would inhale the smoke during tribal council and other sacred activities,then it was introduced into Europe by the Spanish colonists.When the Spanish sailors were saw smoking,they shocked people in hometown,these sailors were described as dealing with Satan,but soon the effect of tobacco spread all over the world.vaporizer wholesale
It was not until 18 centuries before tobacco was introduced into China.These years,with the fall of traditional tobacco sales and the rise of tobacco taxation in some developed countries,heated tobacco product gets more and more popular.Multinational tobacco companies like BAT and JTI have already invested a lot in the R&D of next generation product.
Nowadays tobacco control has become an important policy target of many governmental health departments and international organization(etc:WHO. ) heated tobacco product is typically different from conventional rolling tobacco,its type increases with the innovation of technology.It’s estimated that heated tobacco product makes up 80% of the electric cigarette market,it can deliver a mouthful of nicotine but produce no harmful chemicals,no tar,ash or second-hand smoke.Before electric cigarette and Heated Tobacco product was invented,next generational product department was set up by tobacco companies in reaction to government and all kinds of organizations,it developed some alternatives to rolling tobacco like snuff and nicotine chewing gum.
Since the flavor of these products is so different from rolling tobacco,the public didn’t show great interest in them,it was not until the commercialization of electric cigarette in the beginning of the century and the popularization of heated tobacco product in the last few years that more and more consumers noticed them.According to the present market landscape,Heated Tobacco product remains the mainstream of heated tobacco product consumption.
Heated Tobacco market has been developed rapidly,it can be interpreted from two aspects:Firstly,there are more and more people quitting smoking with the aim of a healthy lifestyle.According to official statistics,smoking rate in countries like UK,US,Canada and Japan fell by 5-10% in the last,and sales amount of tobacco in these countries has also decreased a lot.Hence tobacco companies have invested a lot in the R&D of next generation product.Secondly,more and more regulations have been imposed on tobacco globally,until then,177 parties have joined The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control,which covered 80% of the world population,many countries have banned smoking in public area in accordance with the WHO convention.Under such background,heated tobacco product can adapt to these regulations and meet the smokers’ demand,so the market demand rises rapidly.
Under the influence of supervision and consumer acceptance,the heated tobacco market needs to be further expanded.The total scale of tobacco market in 2017 is 785.65 billion dollars,in which the scale of rolling tobacco fell from 715.69 billion dollars to 701.9 billion dollars,while the scale of heated tobacco product rose from 2.23 billion dollars to 17.75 billion dollars,with a CAGR of 51.4%.
Generally speaking,the development of global heated tobacco market can be summed up as the following:
Firstly,the sales of heated tobacco product has been grown rapidly,according to official statistics by WHO,the utilization rate of heated tobacco product in 44 countries is about 11%,in which adult male makes up 23%,adult female makes up 7%.As far as utilization rate is concerned,the Southeast Asian district ranks the first(adult male:36%.adult female:10%),in countries like Sweden and Yemen,the market share of heated tobacco product even exceeds traditional rolling tobacco.
Secondly,heated tobacco product has gradually become a new revenue growth opportunities to multinational tobacco companies.
Last but not the least,these multinational companies have all invested a lot in next generation product,including research,development and branding.What’s noticeable is that along with the popularity of heated tobacco product rose from 0.29% to 2.26% in five years,heated tobacco product was still banned in US,which is a great market.
Speaking of Heated Tobacco product itself,the flavor of Heated Tobacco tobacco is closer to traditional rolling tobacco,and can reduce health risk,WHO has also predicted that tobacco heating product will draw more attention in the near future.
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