How Safe Heated Tobacco Product Is?

Though most smokers are aware of the harm of smoking, they just can’t let go of this habit. This probably is the reason why heated tobacco products gain popularity in such a short time—they allow smokers to enjoy the smoking process without posing most of the health risks.

But there raises a very important question: how safe heat not burning product is?vape mod
The most accurate answer won’t be got until we see what happen to those people who have used heat without burn products for a long period of time. Though we don’t have such data yet, we can still make some estimates according to some facts about heating devices and traditional cigarettes.
As the name suggests, the whole point of tobacco heating system is that the tobacco is heated without chemical combustion, because the burning process of cigarettes can produce large amount of harmful chemicals. By adopting heated tobacco technology, many of dangerous substances found in smoke are not found or will be at much lower levels in the vapor created by tobacco heating system. Let’s look at some of the main chemicals found in smoke:

Though nicotine is an additive substance, there haven’t been evidence that nicotine causes cancer or heart diseases in smokers. A meta-analysis published looked at 21 different trials on nicotine replacement therapy, and found that there was no clear evidence of risk to the heart and blood vessels. So nicotine is not really, or at least not very harmful as thought by many people. But as there is still some uncertainty in this experimental result, non-smokers had better not start vaping nicotine-contained juices.

Cigarette tar is not the same as tar used on road surfaces. Instead, it refers to toxic chemical particles left behind by burning tobacco, which will form a sticky brown or yellow residue and stain the teeth of smokers.
When the smoke is inhaled, the toxics of tar can be carried into the bloodstream and begin moving to other parts of your body. They can affect every organ in your body and beyond cancer, can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and even affect fertility. Compared with cigarettes, there isn’t much tar in the vapor from heated tobacco products, which has greatly attracted many smokers who are worried about the long-term harm of cigarette tar.

Carbon monoxide
Carbon monoxide is probably the single most lethal component of cigarette smoke. It’s a colorless, odorless gas produced from the incomplete burning of virtually any combustible product. when CO is present in the lungs, it is quick to connect with red blood cells but is slow to exit the body, taking as much as a day to be exhaled through the lungs. An abundance of carbon monoxide in the bloodstream starves the body of oxygen and in the worst cases, can cause death.

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