iSMOD II Heating Tobacco Review

The review below is from Mr. Lee, A customers who got a kit from mysmok

The charging function is realized by the charging seat the device carries. Its both sides are magnetic so that the two holders can be attached to each side (there is a magnet on the back of the holder). No need to use a USB cable, so convenient! And there is no worry that the heating rods may fall off. What one has to do is just aligning the direction of the holder’ charging port with the probe in the groove. As there are two holders, sometimes I can share my new gadget with my friends, who can’t help being amazed at stylish device I have. When the base is fully charged, it provides energy for consumption of a pack of cigarettes. So I don’t have to recharge it all the time. By the way, there are three indicators on the back of the charging base; three lights solid on means fully charged.

There is a button on the holder to turn on or off the device, and once the indicator on the button goes solid on, the tobacco stick is just ready for smoking. the amount of nicotine you get is enough.
The tobacco stick being heated up tastes just like ordinary tobacco, delivering a flavorful nicotine taste. But the vapor you exhale is not strong and disperses very quickly. Having been using the iSMOD instead of regular cigarettes recently, I’ve found my clothes now smell without the previous smoke odor.

I need to clean my iSMOD regularly to make sure the device work best. Remove the cap of the holder and use the cleaning brush that comes in the package box to get out the residue tobacco. And there are swabs to further clean up the inside of the heating rod. It must be cleaned every few days, otherwise the new tobacco stick won’t be able to fit in the device.

I do think using iSMOD is better than smoking an ordinary cigarette. Heating instead of burning the tobacco produces fewer harmful chemicals after all. But using such a device requires one to remember to carry the device, recharge the base and clean the inside of the holders on a regular basis. However, I would still use it regardless of this little inconvenience.


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