Mysmok In The Inter Tabac 2018 Dortmund

The Inter Tabac 2018 Dortmund comes in this beautiful September,here it lasted for 3 days and showed the global tobacco industry its professionalism again,The exhibitors all spoke highly of its attentive service.As a member of this year’s exhibitors,Mmysmok Electric Technology Company Ltd took with its heat-not-burn devices-mysmok iSMOD I and Mysmok iSMOD II,together with other suppliers from all over the world,they witnessed this major event.electronic cigarette
First day of the exhibition,it was a little cold in Dortmund due to the rain.But it didn’t stop the visitors from gathering around,the crowded scene was in contrast to the rainy day outside,each pavilion was crowded with people from all over the world talking to others in different languages.There were all kinds of products here:E-Cig,pipe,e-liquid,lighter,tobacco stick,their fashionable design and practical functions attracted many visitors.This year’s exhibition broke the record again in amount of exhibitors.According to official statistics: 625 enterprises from 54 countries attended this exhibition,and 91% of them expressed strong will to come next year.
As a supplier of heat-not-burn devices,Mysmok’s two star products( Booth No:3A,B20 )-mysmok iSMOD I and mysmok iSMOD II made their debut in this exhibition,many buyers were attracted at first sight.A great number of companies showed strong will for cooperation.,apparently the influence of mysmok heat-not-burn devices is extending outward.
Here are some pictures shot during the exhibition:
Our staffs introducing heat-not-burn devices to customersheat cig
Mysmok gained a lot during this exhibition,it raised profile in the global market besides so many orders won abroad.Moreover,it also impressed global counterparts through various forms of interactions,which can be said to have made a big step forward towards the globalization of heat-not-burn devices.tool vape
The Inter Tabac 2018 Dortmund was a great platform,it provided the suppliers from tobacco industry with opportunities of mutual study and communications,so that the most advanced technology and latest information is shared among them,another advantage was that a large quantity of transactions were concluded on the spot.So we expect to meet with you in the Inter Tabac 2019.
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