ISMOD II PLUS Double Rods Tobacco Heating Device 2600 mAh E cig

Save 27%

•  Mysmok iSMOD ⅡPLus, we upgraded the power bank and material.there is a power bank with a capacity of 2600 mAh and 160 mAh rod,much stronger

•  it's double-rods design, with the magnetic charging function

•  color:white,black,red


Specifications of Mysmok iSMODⅡ Plus:

Configuration:Double rods+Power bank

Color: black,white,red
Battery Type: High Rate Lithium Battery
Rod Battery Capacity:160mah
Charger Battery Capacity:2600mAh
Charge Mode: Fast Charging
Smoking Time: 260s
Preheating Time: <15s
Heating Temperature: 320℃-350℃


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