Heated Tobacco Helps Decrease Smoking Rate

Good news from Philippines,the government has just passed a resolution to “list electric cigarette as harm-reduction aid!"
The decision makers remarked that“electric cigarette has played an important role in helping quit smoking,and authorized report from the British Public Health Service and Royal College of Physicians proved that electric cigarette can reduce 95% of the harm compared to
traditional tobacco”.The HR1885 resolution claimed that“electric cigarette as an alternative based on the perception that it can reduceharm can prompt smokers to adopt heated tobacco product.”heat not burn
The Philippine health department held a suspicious attitude toward electric cigarette before.In December 2016,the Philippine health department publicly declared that it agreed to the World Health Assembly’s position of avoiding the potential risk of electric cigarette”,even if there was no relevant research that can prove such risk.While in 2017,after the World Health Assembly urged the member states to enforce bans on electric cigarette,health department minister Paulyn Ubial declared that the health department would ban electric cigarette in accordance with advise by the World HealthAssembly.Actually,HR1885 is contradictory to the ban in many aspects.The point is that although the government complied with the indication of the World Health Organization,people are still smoking.
Nowadays public health specialists are delighted that the resolution passed,for the president Rodrigo Duterte is famous for his position on the issue“addiction”,many predicted that such legislation won’t find favor with government(President Duterte promised to kill drug addicts and drug dealers during the election campaign,and fishes in Manila would put on weight for eating them up.)..Head of The Vapers Philippines Petr Paul Dator noted that“We strive to promote tobacco heating products as alternatives to rolling tobaccos,we signed with relief as we heard this resolution,thanks for the open-minded legislator and their approval of science,they have confirmed electric cigarette’s position as an alternative to rolling tobacco,we’II continue to urge the health department to save more lives from traditional tobacco”.
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