Heated tobacco replaces vaping,The next trend

in October 2019,the Chinese government set the new e-cig regulations, since then online e-cig sales ban in China Under the influence of the law of e-cig, the demand for the vaping products to drop. in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen,the base of e-cig industry, many factory have had to slow production and shed a large number of jobs.

A statement released by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and State Administration for Market Regulation, had announced that selling e-cigarettes online will be shut down, and online marketing campaigns halted except get a special permit.

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But the Chinese government didn't restrict the heated tobacco, so many investors take aim at the heat not burn industry. Mysmok Technology,a industry-leading tobacco device manufacturer,make an investment discussion with venture capital funds at the beginning of last month,the leader of Mysmok  R& D Team said: they are designing the new generation of HNB(Heat-not-burn) device, with the new package,and new VI design,their objective is set the ISMOD device display in the chain store, and now they finished the production of the display cabinet

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