ISMOD NANO Tobacco Heating Device e Cig Wholesale Reatial

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ISMOD NANO Tobacco Heating Device

Color: Rose-Gold, Red, Black, Green, Orange, Royal-Blue

Upon Fully Charged≥ 20 sticks

Dimensions: 27x17x90mm

Preheat Duration: 15 seconds

Working  Duration: 15 puff or 300 seconds



  • We usually deliver your parcel by DHL, UPS, FedEx, it's fast and safe.
  • Nowadays, only a few country impose duties on our product. If  the parcel in the progress of customs clearance,the express company will contact you,and then help you finish the customs progress. the order price don't include customs duty. the customer need to pay for it yourself. Fortunately this situation is few.Thanks!

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