Smoking Is Harmful To Your Health

Almost every smoker knows that the harm of cigarettes is enormous. Using various methods to quit smoking is still in vain. There are many people who seem to quit and relapse. It is really hard to quit smoking. Therefore, Tobacco Heating Device has become especially important for smokers as it can bring the same tobacco flavor but is much less harmful.e cigarette

Compared to ordinary cigarettes, the advantage of heated tobcco product is obvious. It smells lighter and there is no lingering bad smell after smoking. Because it only heating not burn the tobacco, there is no ash left that will mess up the floor or other places.

As for the substances released by tobacco, heated tobacco device generates 95% fewer than traditional cigarettes. From the perspective of cytotoxicity, heat without burn device is only 14% of traditional cigarettes. Meanwhile, compared with the electronic cigarette that is popular on the market today, tobacco heating products better satisfy consumers and deliver the real taste of tobacco to smokers.

Dr. Edward Anselm, senior researcher from R Street Institute, commented that, “Heated at a temperature lower than burned cigarettes, the tobacco still releases nicotine and retains the feel of smoking. According to the research results, the risks and harms of these new products are significantly reduced compared with traditional cigarettes. So heated tobacco product has the potential to be a new tool to reduce the harm of traditional cigarettes and ensure public health.”

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