E-Cig And Heated Tobacco

Former governor of Tokyo Naoki Inose released a trend on Twitter that confirmed heated tobacco product’s contribution to public environment and publicly approved the deduction of taxation on new products such as heated tobacco device.vaping mods
As is known to all,smoking is harmful to health.But tobacco didn’t disappear as time goes by,instead,it developed toward a diversified direction due to the promotion of tobacco control policy,what’s more important is that tobacco has already ingrained in the history of human society for thousands of years.
Tobacco is one kind of ancient and special plant.From ancient times to the modern era,changing with the development of human civilization.Archaeologists found out that the Indian in America began to grow tobacco and use them in AD 3000,when Columbus discovered the New World in 1492,tobacco began to spread to other parts of the world.It was not until the appearance of modern industrial method in the nineteenth century did tobacco entered the industrial period of popularization and consumption.
But the US federal government published a report named “smoking and health”in 1964,which officially proved that“smoking is harmful to health”.Tobacco industry entered a new period of reducing harm.The World Health Assembly passed《The Framework Convention of Tobacco Control》amid voices of developing tobacco alternative,hence electric cigarette appeared,global tobacco industry entered a new period of seeking change and breakthrough.
There are too much to talk about the history of tobacco,almost every second there are people died of various kinds of disease caused by smoking.It’s known to everyone that smoking is harmful,its negative effect propelled people to look for something healthier.Electric cigarette appeared as the result of such efforts.
Electric cigarette is a kind of electronics,some of them are analogous to rolling tobacco,the appearance of them are varied after 14 years of evolvement.Regardless of its shape,the principle is the same,it vaporize the electric liquid which contains tobacco flavor and nicotine through a kind of low voltage vaporizing device.But it did not displace tobacco as alternative,instead ,it gets popular among teenagers,they treat it as a toy,after all,it’s just electric cigarette.heat cig
Viewing from the perspective of global market,the sales of electric cigarette exceeded 8 billion dollars and is expected to add up to 10 billion dollars in 2018.The principal market are distributed in the US、Britain、Italy、France、Germany and so on,sales amount in these regions makes up 70% of the total.Its growth of sales reached the high point(70%) in 2013 and then declined step by step,but still keeps a two-digit growth at present,the regulations on electric cigarette in major markets have a negative impact on the sales of electric cigarette.For example,the US FDA issued regulations on electric cigarette in 2016 which led to the drop in the amount of the sales of electric cigarette,while the sales of electric cigarette in European countries such as France and Poland also dropped due to the EU regulations on tobacco product.
The reason why electric cigarette gets popular is that it attracts young people,compared to heated tobacco device,the growth of the sales of electric cigarette is relatively slow,because it’s not so popular among adult smokers which is the majority of smokers .
At the close of 2018,electric cigarette is still restricted among vape players,but the appearance of heated tobacco products attracted those who want to quit smoking.the huge manufactures all over the world all invest in this industry with the hope of taking a cut,including Mysmok Electric Technology Co.Ltd from Dongguan,China,it has already rolled out two generations of heated tobacco devices——ISMOD I and ISMOD II,which have already won a good reputation all over the world,it’s expected that the industrial chain will develop rapidly in the near future.

Heated tobacco Manufacturer
So what’s tobacco heating product?Usually,when smoking,the temperature of traditional tobacco can reach more than 800 Degree Celsius,at least 200 kinds of harmful chemical materials will be released in the interval,while heated tobacco product,heating instead of burning tobacco,the temperature is maintained at about 350 Degree Celsius and it can deliver the same flavor as traditional tobacco,most of the harmful chemicals can be prevented at such a temperature.So so tar、ash、second-hand smoke and low volume of nicotine,that is heated device! there are not so many differences between different kinds of heated devices,it consists mainly of three parts:battery,mainboard and heating blade.
If you want to make a comparison among traditional tobacco 、electric cigarette and heated tobacco device,electric cigarette and heated tobacco device are more healthy compared to traditional tobacco,according to the data published by a Swedish establishment. What’s more,electric cigarette and heated tobacco product leave no tar,ash or bad odor,and the heated tobacco device use originates in tobacco,unlike electric cigarette which is entirely different from traditional tobacco,hence the flavor of heated tobacco product is close to traditional tobacco.That’s the reason why heated tobacco product can serve as smokeless product,while electric cigarette is popular only among vapers.
Since the tobacco stick is still a kind of special-designed tobacco,many people still hold a suspicious attitude toward it,the Tokyo government used to gather public opinions on this problem,most people agreed to treat heated tobacco device as a new kind of smokeless product.
It is expected that heated tobacco industry has a promising future and may play a big role in the Next Generation products in terms of its sales amount and the growth of potential market,

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